Jack Brewer
: Jack Brewer
  is the new kid in town who is considered very cool by most of the members of the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts team. He suspects that Kim, the newest member of the Bobby Wasabi team, has a crush on him, despite her many denies. He is shown to care for her. He most likely inherited his martial arts skills from his grandfather who trained Bobby Wasabi in all his movies. kim has a crush on him because he is hot.

Kim only thinks that jack  is hot but there is a lot  more to jack than for him to actually look hot

I think Jack is cool, funny, and has incredible hair and he is hot. Jerry is good looking also I think jack  wiil always be better at karate and he is exceptional and outstanding karate student in the dojo and he is different then his lame friends  Kim, Milton, and Eddie  because Jack is extremely good and Jerry will try to be good at karate so he can  be like jack  and I think I can make them even better, even I could  help jack learn even more special moves and to create some new ones too  and  I would show some my moves to them so that they can learn something even more I will do anything it takes to make them better   and maybe they can help me to change my image and for me  to be good at karate.You should have not done this that is how Jack got his last name, and one more thing I think you are the most incredible, amazing guy who is doing all of these incredible things and that he is the most bravest and beyond incredible guy to be the first student to be one of the three black belts in the dojo almost forgot to mention one more thing about you is that you are very skiiled in what you can do.

I'm sure Jack will help Jerry to be as good as he is in karate like:  show the steps of his karate moves and if Jerry messes up somewhere in his moves  Jack will help him even though Jerry can be little bit of jealous and saying small hurtful things, and  Jack can be little full of himself and I just don't think he should have any friends to be with him because he doesn't need them and he would rather be with me and the only thing he wants for himself  is to be good in karate and be a hero sine that is the only thing he cares about.

You are more incredible even (way beyond), maybe more and the most bravest student in this dojo that I have ever seen  than anybody else, than in any other dojo there is  and you have got so many qualities in yourself and no matter how I describe and think of you it will always and always be different of your friends. And Jack I can actually help you with your karate moves and you can be moved from being one of the three black belts in the dojo into someting higher than this. Look Jack half of the things they are saying to you are not true whatever I am saying to you it is the real truth they are just saying this things thinking that you have great friends and that you believe them but this is not true and that if it wasn't for them you wouldn't be in this dojo and I'm not going to allow this to happen and if this is what they want to do they can do somewhere else but not in this dojo they are not ready for them to belong  in this dojo only you belong Jack you may be shocked for me to say this to you but you don't need them to be saying all of this things towards you and trust me after I kick them out and get this over with you are going to feel better look Jack I know  what you are going to say but believe me I know exactly what you are thinking and feeling but I just cannot explain this I really can't. I just know it alright this things are for you Jack and I am doing this things because I like you as a friend that you have so many thingseithin yourself Look Jack I really like you and I would do anything to help you even if it means to be your real friend and this is my decision and I am sticking to it  I am not going to change my decision just because they tell me to but I can argue as much as I want I am not backing down on this I am sorry to say this but I have to they are not doing any of the things they are supposed to they haven't shown you respect, or loyalty,and even the most important thing being there for you  and being happy for you with the things you do for them. You do so much for them they cannot be saying this things towards you and to feel like this Jack I'm sure that you don't deserve this you are way different than them. They are the ones I should be kicking them out not you. Before I could say anything else I want you to answer me this question What did you do to be like them? And Am I being part of this to be kicked out of the dojo?   

And by the way the only thing that Jerry, kim , Milton, and Eddie want is to replace you it is like saying " We don't need jack, we don't care about him, and everything he is doing for us and this is what they think "I think that we are better to be by ourselves than to be with Jack". When they say that you are amazing, incredible and that you are a big part of this dojo I'm pretty sure that they are saying this just so you think they are great friends to be with you, but they are not your real friends because they would not judge, blame or even act jealous  and to make insults to you .And as you know  you are way more than just being incredible at karate your lame friends  would rather be by themselves than to be with you and I'm pretty sure this is the real truth that I am telling you if you don't believe me ask them. They would never respect you or even value any opinion or decision you make. if this is exactly what they want then let them have it. And I am asking jack this question: if you would have anything and I mean anything in your entire life what would it be? Jack I know that you are one of the most incredible and skilled person I ever seen in my life and I totally support that 100% and I want to tell you no matter how much I try to push you harder, harder and harder whatever I want to show you I just want to see how far can you go and master that move because I know you can do it. Never deny anything let that be a lesson to you and back to what I said before whatever move I could give and show it to you I just want to see if you can do that move over and over and over because if you already know that you can do that move then you have that chance of doing it in your sleep  even when I wake you up.

And one more thing it is based on your opinion who would you rather have as a real friend to be with you?  I am not saying that you have to choose or anything like that and I would never, never tell you what to do or even to be choosing between anything I would usually say something that is on your opinion or just to ask a simple question the only thing I  want to know is your personal opinion about this. And do you even know the real reson of why I like you? I like you for so many multiple reasons which I don't want to bore you with that I just know that I believe in you, and whatever you say, I also know that you are being honest with me, and that I value any opinion and decision you make, and that I respect you. Anyway I know you think that I am right and I am. Let me just say this to you and only you Jack you don't deserve them to be your friends because the more they are around you the more things they say,  about you the more jealous they get, and they would want to be by themselves even without you being there for them.  How would you feel if this actually happened to you? Jack I want your opinion on something would rather have a real friend who would believe in you, who would actually help you out, and be there for you, you know to be happy and to appreciate everything you do? I would most likely know the person and if you want to know who is it would have been me. And Jack 'I view you in a different way than them (you are increible and you look good doing it), and I think you deserve some appreciation and respect for it because you work twice as hard to do this so you can help and protect them and this is how they act, you know feeling jealous about you even for them to make insults I don't think you deserve having them as your friends and you wouldn't be around them at all. If this is exactly how they feel about you they shouldn't even be in this dojo in the first place.Look Jack I am only ask you an opinion about something and there are so many things that I value in you. Look would you rather have me as a real friend, to actually help you,  and for you to be more than extraordinary than you think and to be far more  incredible than anybody else or would you rather be with them and even  to be your friends with you after everything they have said and how they really felt about you?  Jack even if you were miserable without them do you still think that I can actually help you out and to make you all beyond incredible just think about it and they cannot be your friends if they are going to be like this. Look jack I think you are an incredible guy who is willing to do all of the incredible things just to help and to protect someone so I am guessing that whatever you say I know you are agreeing with me because this is all the things I value and that I believe in you and when I say all of this things about you I know that I actually like you and that I want you to be my friend and besides I know you can protect yourself I just want to tell you that if you get into any trouble just know that I will be there for you no matter what and that I will do everything to find a way to help you  before I forget I will not let them stay in the dojo anymore if they feel this way towards you and one more thing if they have a reason for them to feel this way towards you I would want to hear it and I mean having them telling me  the whole truth. Jack I think you are one of the most amazing, incredible, and bravest students than enybody else, than any other students in any other dojo you have always proved that you do belong in this dojo and I think you should stay here and by that I mean to stay with me in the dojo This matters my personal opinion about this I really don't know what are you thinking or saying  but there is something I need to say so here it is  I just think that you are better off without them this is not the exact way for them to be feeling and acting so jealous and to say all of this insulting things to you it is not right I don't know what you think about this but for me I think I should clearly kick Jerry out and I mean permanently for good and the rest can do whatever they want and go wherever they want  I'm sorry if you feel this way but I have to do it either way you know why I am doing this and you know that you agree with me just so we are clear about this actually the reason for me to say all of this things and for me to be doing this is because of you, and for your own good I can't believe that I am saying this but I really like you just as a friend    'I mean that you are very incredible even more than you think and  even of how you look good, and that you are really showing you that you are really the most bravest person I know and that I can see in you. This would have shown not your inner beast but shows you could even handle one of the most challenging and tough situations in any way you possibly can and I know that you must have a way for almost anything you set out to do 

If everybody doesn't realize this for themself then they don't deserve you I'm just saying this because you already know that it is true and that Jerry is a great friend to be with. Just because he is like this it dosen't seem very important. there is only one important thing and do you know what that is? it is your friendship with Jerry and there is nothing to be more important than this.